after having my daughter in cloth for a few months thinking she was a heavy wetter when it came time to put my son in cloth i was a little naive lol.. i went ahead and bought 13 itti bittis coz they were what worked for my daughter and found he out pees them frequently and a fitted and cover are best.. but hes also extremely sensitive and prone to nappy rash so fitteds weren't great due to the dampness against the skin.. what ive been doing is swapping inserts around.. i found the itti stay dry topper snaps onto the BBH fitted on top of the long booster and wella our perfect nappy! as well as that to get a little more use out of the ittis i found i can lay the small booster from the BBH in the itti under the dry topper and get longer out of it.. for night we are using BBH nights and finding them great.. very absorbant and cheaper than alot of night nappies on the market.. they are quite bulky tho!!