thread: Prefolds?

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    Sep 2008
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    I've decided to use prefolds from birth with my new son to get us through the newborn stage before we move onto our other cloth nappies. Was wondering what brand you used? I was looking at some packs and am tossing up between bumwear coloured prefolds with Imse Vimse Covers (this pack is a lot cheaper) OR the Bummis unbleached with bummis covers? What do you think?
    If you didn't use these particular brands what did you use?

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    im yet to work out how to use prefolds but i love my Imse Vimse Cover and motherease covers over the bummis as they have gussets!!! id skip the bummis!!

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    Nov 2006
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    i like swaddlebees prefolds and booroi prefolds. and yes, definately need covers with leg gussets!! the new booroi covers have gussets (just google booroi). another brand with leg gussets is bumwear - you can get them from the nappy bucket.

    bummis superbrite covers also have leg gussets - you can get these at obt (there's a link in my sig )