thread: Tell me about your experiences with peapods

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    Tell me about your experiences with peapods

    I'm still thinking about cloth nappies. DH thinks there's no point but then again, he doesn't change nappies unless I"m out so it's not up to him.

    I found a shop that sells peapods for $17.95 which is the cheapest I've ever found cloth and I don't want to spend heaps. Just wondering if anyone has used them and what their thoughts are.

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    Hey Danni

    The thing with cloth is that you usually get what you pay for.

    When I was starting out, I googled every brand of nappy that I was interested in trying - and with Peapods, found heaps of bad reviews. That scared me off every buying them. I find if there is more than a few bad reviews, its usually a reflection of the nappy

    That being said though, I know a few people who are happy with them, but I was too scared off with the reviews to bother trying.

    The expensive ones are usually expensive for a reason - they are fantastic.

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    i never liked mine!! leaked everytime, i agree with mel you get what you pay for

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    I've found peapods to be pretty good but they aren't the best.
    They dry fast and have a place in my stash as the nappy we use when everything else is still wet or in the bucket. It tides us over if that makes sense.
    The price is a good way to get started but don't forget that they are a sized nappy so bub will grow out of them. It is better value in the long run to spend more and get a osfm pocket and get 2 years + out of it.
    I totally get the appeal of the price, especially when starting out. I've been there

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    I started out with them and they were OK to get us started. I still use the inserts as boosters but like the others said they leaked (a lot) and the elastic went in all of mine really quickly.

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    Sep 2006
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    I used them to begin with and they were OK for a little while (had to wash them seperately as the colours run!) but I found massive wing droop and as a result, leakage in a big way. Most notably at my wedding!

    The inserts though are great, I still use them to stuff everything else

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    They were my one and only experience with MCN's and I wasn't impressed. It wasn't the cost of them, but that they looked easy to use and for someone like me who had zero knowledge of them they seemed like a good way to start out. But they just didn't fit right and never felt secure on him, like if I picked him up it would fall off kwim? didn't help that he was a long and lean babe so there just wasn't anything to *hold* is on kwim?

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    The peapods come with a warranty for 90 days.

    The bamboo inserts (that you put inside any pocket nappy) are excellent.

    If i were you, i would buy ONE to try it out.
    if you have a bub with pastey or formed poos, you can lie inside, a flushable liner, which makes poo removal easy (just throw it in the loo and flush).

    i used a LIttle Squirt 100% of the time, when dealing with poo nappies, brilliant - but if you are just having an experiment, you'll need another way to deal with poo.

    washing nappies is different than washing clothes.
    you need
    - a very gentle wash detergent e.g i have found Ecostore and Aware Sensitive in the supermarket to be very good - and you only use HALF what you would use for washing clothes
    - don't use any fabric conditioner
    - the pocket nappy will dry superfast, the insert will take longer. Many people using pocket nappies, buy twice the amount of inserts, as they buy pocket nappies (to allow for the insert drying slower).

    i must admit, i prepared for using mcn 100% whilst pregnant, and i cannot imagine "just using a few to experiment" - cos i think the two alternatives - sposies and cloth - are SO different - i think i would have gotten mixed up - would have been too much for me to deal with AND a nb at the same time.

    e.g sposies can be left on for three hours
    in cloth, you need to change more regularly

    with both, you tip the poo down the loo (if solid)

    using MCN we found to be excellent, but had to set up a routine, to make it easy.

    with the right set up
    (two nappy buckets, little squirt, wetbag for going out, enough nappies for three days, sensitive wash powder, clothes airer)
    it was easy. but without that set up, i think i would have gotten a bit annoyed with swapping (from sposies to cloth).

    so people like you, who are doing ONE system, adn are happy to try doing ANOTHER system, at the same time, i really admire you, i personally would get too confused - i need things to be one way, or i get muddled up.

    ozclothnappies and nappycino are two great mcn advocacy sites that you will find heaps of info about mcn on.

    i'm in your city, would be happy to show you my stash, if you want to look at different types, brands. just pm me if interested.

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    Honestly Danni, I don't think peapods would suit Jazz. They dont suit either of my girls, and they get wing droop (where the front of the nappy falls under the wings) and leak. I like the bamboo boosters and use them in other pockets though. When we were first starting out I went to Natures Cradle and spent ages looking at each nappy and booster and I also met Gigi and saw her stash. Gigi's little girl suits a different style to my girls though. I would go down to NC on your next day off and look and take notes of what brands you like, Then research on here and nappycino. I know there are some that will have mixed reviews, but mixed is better than more negative IYKWIM.

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    i tried one - and used it once more, to give it the benefit of the doubt, and that was enough.

    if you are going to try cloth I would honestly suggest to try some of the more exxy ones - the good ones are usually $30 - $40, but you are better off to buy a few of these and suceed using cloth than a few pea pods and totally waste your money - if peapods were what i started out with i would have given up.

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    Thanks everyone for your honest responses, you've prevented me from making what sounds like a huge mistake