thread: Tell me your favs!

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    Tell me your favs!

    I need serious feedback on all types of nappies! Let me know:

    *What brand of nappy and what type is it (pocket, AIO, night etc)
    *Why is it your favourite?


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    I love my Itti bitti delishes...casue they are an AIO (all in one)....easy and dry very quick. Good fit for us and opsie is this were I tell you i have one of every colour oh and they are reasonably priced too

    for fitted's I have Itti bitti boo's btu Ive just discovered auriel's that are simply devine...and of course I dont need covers

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    Dec 2007
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    I did open this thread up and read it and went.. omg.. how hard is this to answer.. LOL

    But I will try.....


    For daycare - bumg's one size and bumg's AIO's. Quick and easy to use for the daycare ladies and they fold up well for when they have poop in them. Since they look so much like a disposable I haven't had any arguments about using cloth there. And now I can use both the one size on both kids - so thats awesome if one of them runs out - the daycare ladies use one from the other kids stash.

    For nights - baby beehinds bamboo (fitted) for her with a woollen cover. I know it will last the distance and no leaks. Snoozywuns (AI2), green kids pockets for him and bubblebubs GNST (fitted) - these dont leak, I like the pockets and Snoozys better though cos they are trimmer than the GNST - he can barely walk when I have that one on him, but it lasts the night.

    During the day - itti bittis - fit really well under clothes. Also use a lot of fitteds & covers with her, more pockets and AI2's for him. Love widdlewuns -they are really trim and super absorbent. From looking over at my stash at the moment from where I am sitting, I can see that he will be wearing mostly ittis today and a blueberry OSFA pocket as well. Looks like she will be wearing kissaluvs and covers today (its washing day today )

    We use a bit of everything, and everything has its purpose. Even the not so absorbent ones get used for like, after bath before bed nappy - or for the morning poo nappy.

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    I have only tried about 5 types and my favourite by far is the Itti D'lish. Mostly for trimness (important to me now winter is coming and I will have to start putting pants on DD again) and colours (mmm... turquoise...) Oh, and they work well too LOL

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    Oct 2007
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    I'm getting out of pockets now, I dont use them at all, and haven't quite gotten into fitteds and covers, but just starting to now...

    My fav's are IB, cushie tushies, bubblebubs and magikall minkee's... I am in the process of trying some new ones too in the next few days!!! (wild child, some fitteds, iishfly)

    But type of fav is definatly AIO and AI2.... prob AI2, for the padding....