Hi. I only started using MCN's recently (about a month ago).
I do have 2 AIO's, but they are just cheap ones off ebay. They don't last very long & I only expect them to give me my money's worth, lol. But they are handy at the same time. I try to send him with these to mum's place.
But honestly, I have those, 5 pockets & 4 fitteds, but only one cover (so far!) They are all pretty easy IMO. Just as easy as each other. Once you stuff the pockets, they go on & come off exactly the same as a AIO, so if you stuff them all while getting them off the line they are ready to go. DH won't have to do that while trying to change.
Fitteds are pretty simple too. Its not that much more to put the cover over them.
Fitteds, covers & pockets dry so quickly. Inserts & AIO's take a bit longer, but I reckon they are all just as easy as each other. Stuffing a pocket isn't hard, lol.