thread: Wetting thru at night - what else can we do?

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    Sep 2007

    Wetting thru at night - what else can we do?

    My DD is a huge wetter and has started wetting thru at night. She is currently in terry flats with a bbh bamboo booster and a bbh PUl cover. But a couple of times recently, she just leaks thru in the early morning. What are the other options?


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    Dec 2007
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    A night nappy? Terry is good, but not super absorbent as say, if you had like 14 layers of bamboo or something in there.

    I'd probably look into a good night nappy if I were you.

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    Nov 2006
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    yes a good night bnappy with a wool cover

    I have used and love maz a licious night nappies, sandman (from sustainable hemp products) and wild child dreamy night nappies, and pop ins with a night booster.

    I love my lovey bums organic wool cover for overnight