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Thread: What nappies are your favourites?

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    Default What nappies are your favourites?

    Thought I'd throw this one out there for a bit of fun.

    The most of any one type of nappy I have is Baby Beehinds Bamboo fitted nappies of which I have 10.

    I also have 8 Honeyboys (both WAHM ones and my home made), 6 BBH Magicalls, 5 Peapods, 4 Bum Genious and 3 Itti Bittis among the 2 or 1 of other various assorted nappies that make up the rest of the stash.

    I have also replaced as Caleb has grown out of Itti Bittis and Berry Plush which must mean I like them too

    Please share with me the ones you have the most of or the ones you go back for.

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    love mu blueberries have 11 of them
    love BumG only have 1 though
    itti bitti de'lish have one want more

    there my favs have heaps of others though

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    Thanks for asking Sam

    Green Kids with a bamboo insert are my absolute all time favourites. Australian owned company, Australian made too, and the best customer service I've had in ages.

    I also like WC DNN, BBB, BBH, BBH covers (PUL and wool), BP covers.

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    I'm another greenkids and bamboo inserts fan. Great product that seem to fit DD really well and contain beautifully while keeping her gorgeous little bottom dry. Such cute patterns and great colours - can't go wrong.

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    I have a very limited stash at the moment (I'm working on it, just need some more cash!) I only have:

    4 peapods
    2 baby kangas
    1 berry plush minkee AIO
    3 mandy macs
    2 BBH PUL covers and
    2 tots bots PUL covers

    I'd have to say at the moment I like the peapods under clothes because they are pretty trim (in my limited experience anyway!) and although the dye run is driving me nuts, I don't mind the Mandy Macs for around home. LURVE the berry plush but that's the only show off nappy I have at the moment so I save that for special occasions

    I did have 3 newborn Whizz Kidz which I loved but my boofy boy grew out of them really fast! I loved those for a newborn though, they fitted so much better than anything else.

    On my wanted immediately list atm:

    4 green kids - two anytimes and two funtimes
    2 bum g's

    I need a night nappy too but still researching this...

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    i've got most of BBh and peapods... but
    my fav by far is my new blueberry minkee, closely followed by an AIO made by CGR design.. these are a little exy but oh so spesh.. i also have 6 greenkids which are my fav for value etc...
    let me see if i can list all my nappies
    * 8 peapods
    * 6 BBH bamboo
    * 6 greenkids
    * 6 happy heiny's
    * 4 bumg's- 2 AIO and 2 pockets
    * 1 CGR
    * 1 blueberry minkee
    * 4 monkey doodlez
    * 1 mommy's touch
    * 1 drybeez
    and 1 other i cant remember from the states
    i went in blind with MCN, started off with terry and flannel flats..
    have learnt so much in 14 months...
    my mum thinks i have bum addiction and some of my friends leave the room when i start on my rants
    Im really getting into the Wahm site lately... thankfully most of my nappies have been bought by my dad or as gifts, im soooo lucky to have help in buying them...
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    I must say that I am another Greenkids fan with the bamboo inserts. I also LOVE the blueberry's. Some of them I just wack a greenkids insert in. I like the fact thay my blueberry ones have snaps and not velcro. The velcro is the only downside to the Greenkids, as J can take them off!!!

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    At the moment I love my BumG's and wild Child DNNs.

    I really want to get some Green Kids to try.

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    Ooooh, this is hard, and I don't have that many to choose from!

    I think the itti d'lish is top of the list ATM
    Love GK and BG, they're tied
    BBB is a great fitted.

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    Happy Heiny print pockets. Love em on K. She's in the large and they look smicko.

    But I'm really enjoying my BBB and BB PUL cover combo at the moment too.

    I'm about to get some greenkids in a swap though, so we'll see how they go.

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