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Thread: What to put in my starter kit

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    Default What to put in my starter kit

    I'm preparing slowly for the arrival of baby and I'm just wondering what kind of cloth nappy starter kit I should prepare before the arrival of my newborn? I'm a total newbie and I've been researching cloth nappies since before I was even pregnant.

    I have:
    12 terry flats

    Planning on buying:
    6 bumgenius V3 (includes 6 baby inserts and 6 regular inserts)
    6 Greenkids nappies (top up pack includes 1 greenkids insert)
    6 Baby beehinds PUL covers
    2 nappy buckets

    What do I need in terms of wipes, wet bags, nappy bags etc? I am trying to be conservative and avoid blowing the budget. I'm sure that will come later when the addiction hits.

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    head to spotlight and grab some microfleece to make liner, they dont need any sewing just cutting, if you or someone you know sews then grab some flannalette to make some wipes!!

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    I liked all the same at first, now I like a mix of nappies depending on what we're doing that day.

    I'd say you'll need 2 nappy buckets (so you aren't washing every day - 2 buckets is a full load for me). Flannels for washing the bum and a small pot for warm water - or just prepare the flannel before you remove the nappy. I use old plastic shopping bags as nappy bags when we're out for just a couple of hours as a "just in case" - they're free and you can throw them when you get home and take the nappy out.

    I'd suggest about 30 nappies so if you can't wash one day you can wait a day without worrying about nappies.

    Different types of nappies...

    Grab some big one-size ones for night-times. OK, you'll change in the night more often at first but later on you don't want to be doing that. Maybe 4-5 of those, I'd recommend a nappy with attached liner that you can stuff up a bit, like a fluffle. And you won't need to replace these as your baby grows.

    Grab 1-2 all in one nappies too. They're handbag sized and easier to change in a shopping centre.

    Fleece liners - make these from just cutting up a big bit of fleece.

    If you're going to line-dry, microfibre and fleece nappies are soft so great for nappy rash. Bamboo, cotton and hemp go very stiff but are wonderful when tumble-dried - I often give mine a quick 5 mins in the dryer once they are dry.

    Check out on-line nappy retailers, especially ones that sell different named products. If you like a particular brand, these often have a no-name generic one that is IDENTICAL (believe me, I've tried) that's often up to ?5 cheaper (that's over AU$10).

    Good luck with it all.

    Oh, and don't be afraid to buy a pack of disposables for use in the hospital or in the early days. We usually have a few disposables hanging around. If you sign up to the big brand baby websites now they send you free nappies and money-off vouchers and we have those as emergency nappies! It really saves a LOT of money, especially if a grandma wants to babysit but can't cope with real nappies - although the bumgenius and the AIO nappies are great here. (I let the grandmas buy the disposables, btw, but some people are a bit kinder to their free babysitters.)

    Have you thought about a swim nappy or is that not on the agenda yet?
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    I haven't seen the generic brand nappies that you mention, but I have looked online. Are there any particular sites that you're referring to? Could you PM me?

    That's a good idea to have a few AIOs, I hadn't thought of that for shopping or out to dinner.

    Also, which big name baby companies send out free stuff?

    I haven't got to swim nappies yet, at the moment I am trying to stay focussed on the starter kit, so I can build on it later, but I am thinking about essentials only at the moment.

    I will go out to spotlight and buy some big sheets of microfleece to cut up, that's a good idea too. I've actually never been there. Should be an adventure.

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    get your hands on some baby beehind magicals with a booster. great aio and also great for those night time changes.

    get your hand on some fleecie or wool covers to allow bubs bum to breath. PUL is good but not so good for night times as it is plastic and often works as an oven for your babies bum for long periods.

    Remember that MCN are dry pailed and I know many woman use flip lid bins (I do personally) on their landry benches. I get 2 days worth of MCN nappies into them for 2 kids.

    Check out buy for baby for second hand nappies too...its a good way to try some nappies out before paying full price.

    there are plent of on line work at home mum sites out there and matie...have a look at the market place member list...some of the girls down there offer 10% off to BB members (I know cloth babes and beyond belly do for starters)

    you can use flannels that get harsh after can get wipes made from sherpa that are good for babies bums....oh and dont forget some nappy places allow you to layby too. If they dont state it ask...whats the worst they can say.

    oh and buy on of those round peggy things form the regect shop so you can peg your boosters onto it inside and take the whole lot outside with out loosing any of them

    Good luck and oh how excitiing

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