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Thread: When do you change a Wet Nappy?

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    Default When do you change a Wet Nappy?

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been getting very sick of spending so much money on nappies, so I am trying out some cloth nappies for the first time. I have a couple of buddle bums and pea pods.

    Now I know how to use a disposable nappy after a year of practice. I can tell if it is totally full of wees or if it is ok for a bit longer because you can feel the gel swell up.

    When do I change a wet cloth nappy? Do I change it as soon as it is wet? Or do I change them at regular time intervals? How do you tell if it is just a bit wet or really wet?

    I had one leak, which I think was due to leaving it on too long. So I'm keen to figure this out.

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    Um I change usually every 3ish hours? Or like, after a nap and a bottle for her.... but usually every 3 hours.. unless its not as absorbent then its every 2 hours.

    But I'd definitely try to change it at least every 4 hours even if its not leaking.

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    Yeah 2-3 hours for us, I usually change her before I feed her or put her to bed. And I check after a nap if she has slept for a while.

    ETA: It'll depend on the nappy re: if its wet or really wet... it'll take time to 'get to know your nappies' so to speak, you'll find out how long they last on your DD and get into a rhythm soon enough xxxx

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    My DD isn't a very big wetter so I usually change every 3-4 hours, after her bottle usually. Thats what works for us, she never leaks and she has never had a nappy rash.

    But I agree with Leasha - get to know your nappy - My DD has one brand of nappy that she can only wear for 2-3 hours absolute max, and sometimes it leaks then, so yeah, really does depend on the nappy.

    Good Luck in finding your happy nappy time

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    We've always changed when wet regardless of the timing, so it could be 10 minutes or 3 hours. Mind you we don't change when they are sleeping. But if they woke in the night for a feed 99% of the time they were wet and we'd change them. I'm blessed with children that go back to sleep easily though

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    I am no cloth expert or any expert for that matter but I am pretty sure that nappy rash occurs when moisture is left on the skin for long periods of time and with cloth, the moisture doesnt get taken away, if bubs starts to get nappy rash, maybe you could change the cloth more often??

    I could be totally wrong but just my logic on it.

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    I check often and change when needed. I can either smell it (and I don't mean it stinks but I know the smell of my kids wee) or feel through the clothes that it feels warm or full. By full I mean that I can feel the fabric feels different, more dense due to the wee.

    With cloth it's worth investing in some AI2's because the beauty of them is you can just replace the boosters if they are just wet (obviously not for a pooey one or soaked through to the shell). Itti Bittis for eg cost about $25 for the nappy and $12 for an extra booster set so having a few of them spare is like having another nappy for half the price

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    During the day roughly 3 hours or when poos occur. Overnight I use a NN so only if poos happen.

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