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Thread: 10 month old doesnt chew??

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    Default 10 month old doesnt chew??

    my 10 month old doesn’t chew her food just swallows it straight down, then she sometimes starts to choke on everything from banana to watermelon even blended solids.
    is this normal and has anyone else experienced this??

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    i would suggest taking him to speech therapist obviously one that deals with feeding if you contact your children's hospital they Will be able to suggest one even if it just for an evaluation that way they can see what he is doing and maybe workout why they may give you some exercisers to do with him to encourage his oral development
    its probably fine but always Worth checking t out

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    Maybe you could give her some of those teething rusks - it could help stimulate her a bit because they're designed for alot of sucking and gumming.
    Have you spoken to your clinic nurse about it?
    Yasin used to gag alot - it wasn't choking just gagging on lumps but it seemed like choking.

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    Chloe was like this and couldn't handle chunks. I found that trying to give her food that she could hold and knaw (sp?) on helped (biscuits, rusks, steamed carrots, sauages) - plus this helps chewing development. she is slowly improving.

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    DD2 was like that even with a couple of teeth! She would gag and choke on the tiniest of lumps and spit them out. She is now 7 and fine so she just grew out of it.

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    Yes my DD is 11 months and has this problem. I give her rusks, biscuits etc and there is still no change. Good luck if anything works please let me know.

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