thread: Alternatives to Bonjela

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    Twinsmum Guest

    Alternatives to Bonjela

    Hi Ladies!
    I was hoping to get some advice on the available alternatives to bonjela?

    I have 2 little babies that are feeling the brunt of getting some teeth, I cant see them but I know they are coming from the red cheeks, dribble, and the general crankiness of them both

    Any advice would be great - we are using wet flannels, teething rings and the Bonjela to date but they just hate the taste (its pretty gross )

    Thanks in advance ~ Haylie

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    Hi Haylie

    You can get a curash teething gel which the taste isn't as potent as Bonjela.


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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    There's also Brauer's teething drops that can be used from 6 months, but I'm not sure what the taste is like....

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    mooshie Guest

    Same as what Sarah suggested, the Brauer Teething Relief seems to do wonders for Lani, she originally hated the taste of Bonjela but was okay with the Brauer.

    I have also used panadol on my finger and rubbed along the gum - dunno if it was a coincidence but it has worked.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    There are also homeopathic tablets you can get at most chemists for teething

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    Twinsmum Guest


    Thanks so much for the replies its always comforting to know that it has worked for others IYKWIM...

    I will get onto the teething relif drops I think - Hayden and brooklen are almost 6 months so I will wait a couple of weeks

    Thanks again - I appreciate your help.....

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    Twinsmum Guest


    Wow cherry Flavour! I will ask at Amcal when I go to town tomorrow

    Thanks heaps Shannon

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    Colleen Guest

    Yeah I use the amcal teething gel too.

    Thing is Im pretty sure only carrum downs and belvedere Amcal make it.

    How did you go ? Did you get it from you amcal?

    You can get it in berry and bubblegum.. I use it too when I get an ulcer and it works so fast! and makes it all numb.

    You can also use panadol with it, whereas with bonjela your not supposed to and you can use it every couple of hours if you need to instead of every 4 hours...

    I love this stuff, its made teething pretty easy for us.

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    belmarks Guest

    SM33 - its an anaesthetic also, its the only one that numbs the mouth, but watch out, it can numb their tongue and lips ITS GOOD STUFF!!

    You just get it from the chemist...