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    Baby Nightmares

    Luke wakes up sometimes SCREAMING in the middle of the night. He's had a middle ear infection once and it kinda seems similar to that. As soon as I pick him up or even pat his back he seems to settle. This happened recently where he seemed quite distressed. I picked him up and he appeared to be half awake, half asleep and cried on and off for about an hour. I'm wondering if perhaps he's having nightmares.
    Has anybody else experienced something similar?

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    Hi Libbie,

    I remember years ago my little brother who was then a baby started to do the same thing. He did this on a regular basis. After taking back and forth to the doctors my parents were told that he was having night terrors, they were told not to wake him and to just comfort him if possible and let him just go back into a normal sleep. My brother used to throw himself around screaming his heart out but he was still asleep, the Dr's told them to just leave him on the bed and let him go.... It's a scary thing to watch I know but there really isn't anything you can do for him. Maybe opinions and treatment have since changed, take him to your GP of Early Childhood Nurse and see what they have to say.

    Take care

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    My daughter had them & yes they were called night terrors, usually occuring around 18 months. I was told by Dr that it is when they start to remember things they have seen during the day & start to understand fear etc...
    I was told to let her cry 5 mins go in reassure her, then walk out & if she started screaming again to go back in after 10 mins etc... I tried this for 2 nights, it was breaking my heart & I desperately needed sleep!
    It was awful as Maddy was literally standing up shaking in her cot trying to get out, I ended up leaving a lamp on in her room & giving her a book & after about 2 nights of crying abit, she went back to sleeping through the night...
    Thosae 4 nights of broken sleep are the things I am not looking forward to in having another baby!
    I am a real sleep needing person, eeven if it's only 5 hours, but broken sleep it just wrecks me!

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    Hi Libby

    Nyah had night terrors also.
    I was told and also read that they don't remember it in the morning, so we were told to just try to calm her and not wake her, but talk soothingly or sing softly to her and when it's over which in my experience can be anywhere from 5mins-1hr, they'll just go back to sleep.
    We were told not to wake her like not to wake a sleep walker , as it'll confuse her and get her upset, but I no other ladies here have been told to wake them, so I don't really know what to tell you there I'm sorry.'

    Hope all is better soon darl.xx

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    Oh I don't think I could not comfort them through it. CIO is just too harsh in my opinion. If they are obviously scared then they need to know you will come to them and be there for them. I don't know if you should or shouldn't wake them up but I most certainly would be there to cuddle them through it.