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Thread: Chiropractic treatment???

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    Default Chiropractic treatment???

    Has anyone tried chiropractic treatment for colic and reflux? My GP recommended it for Nic as he has seen some babies respond well. I have made an appointment for tomorrow.

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    We tried it for both our reflux girls. For the first one it did nothing for, and we trialled it for 6 goes. For the second one I think it helped her wind issues heaps. But while we were there the chiropractor said she thought Jovie had a milk intolerance and told me to see someone for it & I did and she was right, so she couldn't have helped the reflux because it was a food intolerance.

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    I personally have not tried it, but I have heard of a lot of success with it, some theories on reflux is that it is about nerve compression, so it makes sense that it would work. Good luck, let us know how it goes. I am in Perth too, so it would be good to know of a good one in our area.

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    I haven't tried the chiropractor, but was looking at trying it. My baby has reflux and is always unsettled. Put it this way, in the time that it would take me to type this whole post, she would not be able to be quiet if she were awake, and she would be awake for most of the day. It really did start to drive me insane from being so tired. Both mentall y and physically. And my ears hurt from her screaming.
    So, at our follow-up appointment at the paediatrician on Tuesday (just gone) I spoke to him about where to go next with trying to settle her and reduce some of the reflux. Having tried all available medications, I was on to giving chiro or acupuncture a go. I didn't try chiro, as I don't know one, and besides, the paed. does baby acupuncture. Not with the pins, but with some device that just looks like a laser pointer.
    Ohh, I could not begin to tell you the success after just one session! Baby Steph is a totally different baby. If I hadn't have been there when he did the points, I would have thought he swapped her for another! The next day we had some more on the same points, and will be going back next week for more again. Then, may only need it once a month or so, or she may learn to keep herself settled.
    I know that things don't work for everyone, but I believe it really is worth a try, and it does the baby no harm.
    My little girl is still quiet, so I will go now and continue to catch up on things that were impossible for the last two months or so.

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