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    Just wondering if anyones baby has colic/reflux. Yesterday i took DS to the Drs as he is always so windy and in pain in the arvo's especially. if i put him down after a feed he just screams.. anyhow the RE has told me he has colic/reflux and has put Seb on some meds for the nxt 5days. Seb is 3weeks today...

    He also brings up a lot of milk with feeds, is this normal for reflux babies?

    Are there any foods i should be avoiding out of my diet(the re suggested no sugar!) but anything else?

    The drug he has been out on is Zantac, anyone heard of it.


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    caffine and chocolate should be avoided. Zantac is a common reflux medication. i was on it for 8 months of my pregnancy. good luck

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