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Thread: Colic... Again.

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    Question Colic... Again.

    Alexzander's colic has started playing up again. For the last 3 or so weeks he has been having bad bad episodes of a night & I can't figure out why. His routine & diet are still the same as always, so there doesn't seem to be any trigger at all. Unless the change in weather has affected him somehow

    He has a bottle in dimmed light in his bedroom then straight into bed, he falls asleep within 1/2 an hour. After being in bed for 3hrs he wakes up screaming & screaming. Nothing seems to calm him down, cuddles, nappy change, he even throws his dummy away!! He just scrunches his knees up to his tummy and cries I massage his tummy and so much wind comes out & it helps a bit. Sooo I tried him with Brauers Colic Relief & that seems to help. I've only had to give him the first 2ml dose & it helps him get back to sleep.

    Is it a bad thing to use it before he shows the symptoms? Should I wait until he is screaming in the middle of the night before giving it to him? The reason I ask is because for the last 2 nights I have given him his bottle, the colic relief and then put him to bed & surprise surprise he has slept through both nights. It's all natural stuff so I'm not worried about it being a medication issue, I just wonder if it might become a habit & he will need it every night to get to sleep. How do I know when to stop giving it to him if he has it before the symptoms show? Also even though it is all natural is there an issue with it being a medication & it causing damage due to excessive use?


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    Have you got a paed? Is there something he could be eating that could be causing wind? Has his poos been normal? Sometimes after a slight blockage they can get wind and pain until the BM's go back to normal. I've not heard of colic in a toddler (doesn't mean its not possible). As for the brauer stuff as long as it doesn't say "if symptoms persist see a dr" then I'm sure it would be ok. If you are still worried maybe try chamomile tea before bed? or with tea? At room temp (or warm if he prefers it). Otherwise I'd just go see your Dr JIC.

    Poor wee man!



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