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Thread: Could my son have reflux?

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    Default Could my son have reflux?

    hey girls just wondering my son throws up alot everyday and even every now and then throws up water liqued or water with litle white chunky bits in in but latly he has thrown up heaps of milk and im starting to worry every now and then he screams for no reason an he wants to feed every 3hrs he is a happy baby but the throwing up is worrying me too could this be refluxs

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    Probably best to talk to your GP or CHN to find out for certain if it is reflux or not.

    I know that Jacob was a 'happy chucker' - he vomited a lot (and I mean A LOT) but it didn't ever upset him, and it rectified itself when he was around 6 months of age. So far, Ruby (3w old today) is the same - very vomitey, but so far unfussed by it.....

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    do go get him checked by the GP - Ethan was very spilly right from word go but he started getting very ansy about it later about 6 weeks - he wasn't medicated till 10weeks but thats working well. We also have some let down issues that don't help matters either so even talking to a lactation consultant can help too... Hope that your wee fella is doing ok...

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    Yep, like all the other girls have said, see your GP and ask for a referral to a Pead. My son was like this from the day he was born, vomited like Niagra Falls, it was horrible, I went to the docs and they said I was just being neurotic, but I persisted, and what would you know, a dye scan revealed he had severe reflux. Best of luck, and I hope for your sake it isn't, but if it is, better to get on top of it before any real damage is caused.

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    Hi Kylie,
    Just wondering how you went with Bailee? Jesse is exactly as you describe Bailee to be. I saw the midwife this morning and mensioned it to her at his 6-8 week check up.. she asked how often he did it and he does it probably 3 out of 6 feeds and did it the past 2. She said its fine.. he put on 500g in 2 weeks and is growing and hes happy. So im just wondering if its him just being a chucker or is more serious.

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