thread: Could it be reflux?

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    Feb 2008
    ? have to consult the road map on my stomach...

    Could it be reflux?

    DS2 is 8 weeks old and has always chucked up after his feeds. He's fully breast fed. Until last week it was just now and then that we'd get a projectile vomit, and he's been putting on weight without any problems at all. Most of his vomits were a couple of hours after his feeds and proceeded with him being unsettled. The past week or so, however, he's projectiled at least once a day just a couple of minutes after a feed and without any warning what so ever. I've been sitting with him upright for 20-30 mins after feeds since birth, but now that's not helping - he's bringing it up regardless and it's quite frightening for us. We're going to the GP on Thurs for his immunisations, but I couldn't get into my preferred dr. Was thinking I'd make another appt to see what he thinks - does it sound like reflux? DS1 never chucked so this is all new for us

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    Aww I feel for you and your little one From my experience I would say it probably is reflux. @/3 of my babies had it. However with my 3rd it turned out to be a dairy allergy the poor little man, still allergic now and he's 2. Hoping he will grow out of it soon though

    My DD2 would have 2 or 3 projectile vom's a day, and was just such a 'sicky up' baby. I had a lot of washing to do for her lol. She went on formula at 4 months and was on the Anti Reflux formula, that was not enough for her though lol, we ended up having to add an extra thickener to it, that was quite a journey lol, she had to drink the bottle pretty fast otherwise it would be too thick for her to drink lol.

    I wouldn't worry too much. Does he get upset when he does it, or does he just chuck and it's over? If he isn't bothered by it then try not to stress yourself out too much. It is still a really good idea to speak to your Dr about it. Make an extra appointment so you get to see your regular Dr though, from experience... you will/should probably find they will take you more seriously as they already know you.

    I wish you all the best.

    For his comfort, you could try adding an extra bib or two so he isn't as wet from it all the time. Also a little powder under his neck to help avoid any rashes from the wetness etc too.

    Hope I have been helpful xx

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    Oct 2008

    Aww, the poor wee darling.

    I'd definitely mention it when you go for his immunisations, whether it is your regular Dr or not, they should be able to diagnose. Does he have any other symptoms? Like arching his back when feeding, watery burps and frequent hiccups?

    I hope that you get some answers soon. My little one has silent reflux - without the vomiting (she chucks very occasionally) and our paed put her on losec and she is a different baby.

    Sue xxx