My Abby had bad reflux for the first 9 months or so of her life. She was on a couple meds for it, and finally we took her off around 9.5 months. She used to spit up big time with every single feed, adn we had to keep full size towels everywhere! She got sooo much better for 2 months, it was so wonderful!

Now she is very close to 1 year old, and she has started vomiting all the time. She does it almost every night feed of soy milk, although she tolerates soy milk during the day. She does it everytime we tried cows milk...even an ounce. She does it in the car almost with every car ride. She does it probably with half or so of her solid feeds...if not more! I am in tears once again with this. She is not gaining a good amt of weight I dont think. She must have so many upset tummy times. I feel so bad! And I am starting to get so sick of cleaning up the messes all the time too!

Has any of you htat have had reflux babies had this problem? Will it ever go away? Do I need to get my girl back on meds again? I hate to do that, but I want her better. Will she have this problem for life? What can I do?