thread: Crying immediately after afternoon feeds - is it reflux?

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    Crying immediately after afternoon feeds - is it reflux?

    My 5 week old cries as soon as he is taken off the breast for the afternoon and evening feeds, regardless of how long or how little time he is on- he is fine in the middle of the night and morning. I have recently given him the dummy as I discovered he loves to suck! He also vomits after every feed, sometimes when I burp and sometimes while lying down during his sleep. He also projectile vomits occasionally or it just flows out of his mouth - when this happens he doesn't seem to mind. Is it reflux or an unsettled problem?

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Sounds like you may have a "happy chucker" - these bubs have reflux, but aren't bothered by it.

    To help the little guy out, try to elevate the head of his bed. This way the acids in his stomach have to work against gravity. Also try to keep him upright after a feed for about 20mins.

    If he's not bothered by it Drs generally won't do much as far as I know, but if he's uncomfortable or losing weight they may put him on medication.

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