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Thread: Cutting Top Two Teeth??

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    Red face Cutting Top Two Teeth??

    I would love some advice or help. My 11 month old son Jett has two top teeth that are just busting to come through. I have no idea how to ease Jett's pain.
    I have tried Nurofen, Panadol, Brauers, Bonjella and a Chemist made teething mixture nothing is working.
    He is waking up during the night about 20 or more times and just is in so much pain that he can't get back to sleep. I even have tried to give him a feed and he isn't even wanting that.
    I have no idea what to do next??
    If anyone has any things that they think may help it would love too hear it.

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    Have you tried giving him ice to suck on? that worked withmy DS when he was teething in the warmer weather. I would just give him some ice cubes to suck on, or I would wet a clean face washer and put it in the freezer until the water in it froze and I gave that to him.

    I know it can be really hard on some babies, I hope he gets them through soon.

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    Oh you poor thing Dani - and Jett too. It's awful isn't it - especially when you seem to be doing everything.
    I haven't really got any more advice just thought I would reply and hope everything works out for the little man. Marnie enjoyed sucking on a cold washer that I would put in the freezer - she really didn't like teething rings.
    Talk later in Dec babies

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