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    Mar 2004


    Aidan does not cry much at all, only really when he is bored or hungry and he is very easy to settle.

    But he has some very strange sleeping noises and I have read a lot that wierd sleeping noises are very normal in newborns but last night a friend was holding him and she asked me if he was a bit 'windy'. Up until then I wasn't worried at all but now I hate to think he is 'windy' and I am not doing anything to help him and it will progress into something worse.

    The noises are like grunting and screeching when he is asleep (not ALL the time when he is asleep), and he also makes a very loud squeaking noise when I am b/f him. But like I said he does not often cry (touch wood).

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated!



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    Melinda Guest

    I'm definitely not would you would call an expert Jess LOL, not only because Jacob is just shy of 5 months and I am all new to this, but also because he's not a windy/colicy baby, but my understanding was that if that your baby had wind pain etc, then they would most likely cry and pull their legs up towards the chest? If reflux was a problem there would be projectile vomiting I think?

    Jacob is also a very happy and contented baby....he doesn't cry unless he's hungry, getting tired or bored etc. I can also tell you that in the early days in particular, Jacob made his fair share of bizarro noises! I never realised just how noisy babies could be when they were asleep LOL! He doesn't make quite so many noises when he is asleep now, but he makes a whole stack of strange noises when he's awake!!! I love them!

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    Hmmm... I'm not too sure on this one Jess... but I do know that is is very common for newborn to make lots of snuffling and grunting noises. We used to call Aidyn 'Snuffleufagus'!
    If Aidan is not crying or doesnt seem bothered by it then I wouldnt be too worried, but maybe you should ask your Dr/CHN at your next visit just for some peace of mind.

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    Pietta Guest

    Yep i have to agree- Ryley made crazy crazy noises while he was sleeping until he was almost 3 months old.
    But i agree with Ambah- ask your doc or CHN.

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    Sorry Jess I replied to this before and just noticed it was lost in the down time... Matilda definately had a gurgling noise until she was around 12 weeks... I took her to the GP twice to have it checked out & all was okay. I was worried because with reflux they can develop pneumonia, but it wasn't the case. I don't think wind really has anything to do with the noise...