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Thread: fevers and teething

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    Question fevers and teething

    i know i know - all the medical experts say that when a child is teething they don't get a fever, the fever is usually related to something else. BUT last night dd had a temp of 39 and was not herself, gave her a dose of panadol and temp went back to normal, she was a little unsettled during the night once but put herself back to sleep after crying out for about 30secs. took her to the docs today to get her checked over, usually i wouldn't be that concerned but am going away on a girls weekend and i would hate to go if she wasn't well - wouldn't be fun for everyone. the doc said everything looked fine and that teething does not cause a fever. i am putting it down to teething, it is the bottom 2 eye teeth and the gum is ulcerated and the tooth is just about through, it may have already cut the gum today.

    so what are others experiences - have your bubs had a one off fever and been a little grizzly then nothing came of it, apart from a tooth a day or so later, or has the fever developed into something else????

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    My DD had fevers when she was teething. We even took her to the hospital one day with a fever and they told us that she was probably teething and a few days later there they were 2 new teeth!

    I've never heard that teething doesn't cause a fever! It's so confusing because the informations seems to constantly change.


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    I am fairly certain that Aidyn has had a fever from teething... quite a few times from memory. He was a shocking teether, but luckily for us, he got lots of teeth through within a short period of time, so it wasnt drawn out as long as it could have been. I too have heard that there is no medical explanation for having a fever due to teething, but I swear it does happen...

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