thread: First tooth for my little boy

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    First tooth for my little boy

    Woo Hoo - Matty's first tooth has popped through! I can't believe it!! DH spotted it this morning and there it is on the bottom. So cute.

    It appeared without incident so it was a surprise!

    I have a question though for all you experienced mums, do you clean it as it is growing? Do you clean it at all? Did you get a toothbrush to clean it?

    Thanks guys.

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    Jun 2003

    Congratulations Matthew!!!!

    Yeah I would clean it, I was told by my MCHN to clean in the bath with a face cloth just with water. I didn't start using a toothbrush till more toothy pegs came through.



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    Wow that was quick nell! Elijah has one and he's 7 months! It's a good idea to start looking after teeth as soon as they erupt, but as Cailin said, it's fine to use a warm face cloth at this young age. Maybe let him play with a toothbrush for babies (to get used to the idea), when you brush your own teeth, I found Marisa enjoyed it most when it was a family affair.
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    Yay & Congratulations Matthew! =D>
    How lucky that he didnt go through any major pain with it too.

    I also used to rub Aidyns first teeth with a cloth, but once he had about 3 or 4 teeth I bought one of the soft baby toothbrushes, and would give it a brushing every time he had a bath.

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    wtg nell and matthew
    so good when they do the teeth thing with no symptons, sounds like my ds, his first 2 teeth popped through at 12wks.

    as for cleaning as the others said just a soft cloth wiped over will do the job. i have just started using a baby toothbrush for lani and i also just brush over the teeth whilst she is in the bath (no toothpaste tho) she loves it on the top as her 2 top ones are nearly through and gives her some relief.

    hope the other teeth come through without problems.

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    awww... I have such bad tooth envy!!! I can't wait to see one! Maybe on her 1st birthday...