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Thread: Frustrating Reflux!

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    I am getting so frustrated! Abby is 2.5 months old now and has had reflux since birth. She spits up so much, we have to keep old towels everywhere, and we do laundry every day. She goes through 10 bibs a day or so! She is on 2 meds, Axid and Surpalta. She feeds half a bottle and then spits up and doesnt want any more , I think her esophagus hurts. Any suggestions on how to deal with this? Oh and she had blood in her spitup the other day :shock: ...anyone else seen this happen? She goes back to the doc Thursday. It seems she is there every week! She does give me lots and lots of smiles, so she must be happy and not hurting all the time!

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    Poor little darling. My little one had reflux from birth too, so IKWYM with the towels. Our Ped wouldnt put bubs on meds, but suggested to try baby mylanta instead,which helped heaps ( the chemist gave us instructions on how much to give). This would take the pain away, but wouldnt stop him bringing milk up. When we gave it after his bottle, the relief was instant. I am not sure though if you can take it with the other meds.
    We also had him on AF formula but this did not make any dif.
    We used to sit him up whilst feeding, and once finished we would keep him sitting upright for 10 min b4 laying him down. We raised his cot at the head by putting books underneath the legs. This seemed to help a little
    Our DS didnt bring up blood though. There doesnt seem to be much that you can do for reflux. DS grew out of it by about 10 Months.
    Good luck with the treatment, i hope Abby grows out of it very soon.

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    Get her put on Losec, its an absolute god send for my son (who is nearly 3 yrs old) and the only med that will block the acid.

    Good luck and be persistant

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