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Thread: getting desperate- think its reflux

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    maggie Guest

    Default getting desperate- think its reflux


    Ds is 6weeks old , since about 3weeks, he has been incredibly terrible to settle, in fact the last 3 days, he has been awake sometimes for up to 10 hts, evenings are the worst(but then this is the witching hr, the only way i can get him to sleep is to go for a drive and he will fall asleep in his capsule . he refuses now to sleep in his bassinett during the day, he will fall asleep in my arms after a feed, and the minute i put him down, he screams in his bassinett.

    All day he fusses at the breast. spews continuosly , arches his baclk, and just wiggles the whole time in pain

    I know he is getting enough breast milk as he is having mroe then 6 wet nappies a day.

    The last 4 days we have been up at 6am, and he has gone to bed like 10pm, with only little naps if i have taken him in the car to settle

    He has all the signs of reflux i am sure, i have tried him on zantac morn and night and this has not helped

    I have a paed appt on monday and it cant come fast enough, have no idea how i am going to get thru the nxt 2days with hardly any sleep, think i will get mum up here today.

    He is constantly in pain, like wiggling around, and i can see it in his face, i cant get the wind up even with the gripe water,, he is wanting to comfort feed , but my breasts are so sore, and i feel as i am feeding all day long, he is not getting any of the hind milk

    Do you think that this is reflux, i am getting desperate.. thanks

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    Melinda Guest


    Sounds like it could be, Maggie. But then I'm not a Doctor so don't take my word for it! It sounds like it's really taking it's toll on you.....I imagine it must be really hard seeing your DS in pain like that. Ruby is chucking up like nobody's business, but she doesn't seem to get upset about it, but I'm having a hard enough time dealing with all the mess!

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