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    Can anyone let me know if they are using gripe water on their newwborns, and if so, waht results have they seen. thanks

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    Hi maggie!

    i started using gripe water when savanna turned 3 months.
    Im not too sure if it has done anything at all. I cant really tell as i think she may be teething so shes a bit all over the place at the moment.
    She seems to let her wind out quiet nicely though so that might be a result

    I heard they gripe water is not recommended any more but my family have been using it for generations and it has never been a problem. Also my chn said to try it aswell so i guess it cant hurt.

    hope that helps

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    Who really knows? My MCHN told me it didn't do anything for wind! Does is have an age recommendation on the bottle? If it's ok age wise then give it a go - it's not going to hurt.

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    Hey guys.. I know I am a bit late on this thread... but same as you ambz.. my family has used it for generations! I just discoverd a website today about colic ease gripe water!! it was an american site [url][/url] It has alot of good information.

    Love the old gripe water.. works wonders when they are new born.. I use coroms gripe water.. its none alcoholic and has a recommended age use of 6 weeks and up.
    but now we have started the dreaded dummy dip in the gripe water.. whoops .. but the dummy is only for bed time....

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