thread: Has he got reflux?

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    Feb 2004

    Has he got reflux?

    I think that my darling boy may have reflux... I would love your opinion ladies!

    - He vomits after every feed.... sometimes a lot several times, sometimes just little amounts. Sometimes hours after.
    - He arches his back when I tried to bring him to the breast - not all the time, just sometimes
    - He has alot of wind
    - He sometime screams for no reason, like he is sound asleep and the next second he screams out, he doe this on my breast as well
    - He has the sniffles and 'rattley' breathing

    He is generally easy to settle, we've had our moments where he has cried and cried and cried , this can be anything of course.

    Of course I am probably an over anxious mother, I know all babies vomit but it's the amount that he does concerns me, even though it doesn't seem to concern him.

    MIL seems to think that he is vomiting because I am eating chocolate. I don't eat it everyday or all the time, but I have had it. I asked the lactation consultant at my breastfeeding daystay at the hospital and she said that all foods are okay to eat in moderation. So I didn't think that eating the chocolate would bother him?

    Your thoughts would be appreciated


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    Hi Nell!

    Its a really hard call, but from what you've said it sounds like Matthew could have a kind of reflux called the "happy chucker" LOL I think its the mother's group name LOL...

    Anyway its worth discussing with your GP or your early childcare nurse, especially if he is having no weight gain or slower weight gain and is acting painful.

    Matilda didn't vomit as much, but would scream for hours and thats how we found out her little throat was burned, it sounds like Matthew is more like Felix who was a happy chucker early on. I would check at the 2 month vaccinations if he doesn't seem too painful, otherwise with the nurse earlier... HTH!

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    Matthew sounds a bit like Jacob to me, who was most definitely a "happy chucker"!!

    I cannot believe just how MUCH Jacob used to vomit. It has just settled down over the past fortnight, but up until this point, he has had to wear a plastic-backed bib constantly. He too would vomit after every feed and in between as well. It never bothered him.....he would just do it and that would be that!

    I used to be REALLY concerned about it because I was certain that he simply couldn't be keeping down enough to grow and thrive, but he most definitely did! My advice would be to talk to your CHN or GP for your own peace of mind, but I'd say that if he's not projectile vomiting and he's not getting upset by it (i.e. crying when he vomits) then he is probably a happy chucker just like Jacob was (the doctors asked me about projectile vomiting etc). Apparently it's caused by the immaturity of some little muscle in the oesophagus, which strengthens over time (and it took until Jacob was 6.5 months old, sorry Nell!).

    I know it can be VERY messy (trust me, I know having gone through sometimes 8 sets of clothes a day with Jacob, plus bibs, bed sheets etc). I learnt to put down a cloth nappy folded over, under his head in bed so that if he vomited whilst in his cot/bassinette, I didn't have to change all the sheets. I'd also put down a cloth nappy under his head whenever he was having tummy time. Unfortunately I had a cloth nappy permanently attached to my shoulder as well LOL, and my washing machine has never been so busy.......

    And plastic-backed bibs are the way to go I found, because the vomit would just soak through ordinary bibs.

    Sorry to prattle on there Nell, I can just sympathise totally!!!