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Thread: Heartburn/reflux?

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    Default Heartburn/reflux?

    My little boy is just over 3 weeks old and since yesterday afternoon, has vomited after most of his feeds, it is usually a burp that follows through, and then straight after he will be screaming in pain and pulling his legs up towards him, it is heartbreaking and very frustrating because I don't know how to help him, the only thing that will eventually help ease the pain is he will have a little more formula, I think it's heartburn/reflux as I know when I was pregnant the only thing that really helped my heartburn/reflux was a glass of milk. I has been 6 years since I have had to deal with a refluxy baby and was hoping it wasn't going to happen to Oliver.

    Oh, and while trying to get him to bring up his wind, he will usually arch his back which I have read somewhere is a sign of heartburn.

    Does anyone else think that his problem is reflux/heartburn or could he just be over eating? (he will have anywhere from 70ml - 120ml and he currently weighs around 5kg) I am considering buying the KaricareAR formula tomorrow which Jordan was on for his reflux, but he also had to be medicated with Zantac.

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    Sounds alot like reflux symptoms that my DS had... he didn't vomit, but had silent reflux and the back arching is a dead give away I am told. DS was diagnosed at 5 weeks after a terrible fortnight of sleepless days and nights and screaming at every feed, and extended feeding times.

    Talk to your paed or GP, don't take no for an answer if you think there is something to it. Our Dr was a lifesaver. DS was on Losec and later zoton. Both worked a treat.

    It is tough. Good luck. Hang in there

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