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Thread: HELP! ... baby refusing to swallow Zantac

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    Default HELP! ... baby refusing to swallow Zantac

    Hello. My 6 week old girl has been prescribed Zantac, however when we try to give it with a 3 ml syringe down the side of her mouth, she spits it back up. The early child hood centre suggested putting the liquid in a teat, however once she tastes the medicine, she immediately stops sucking. The first couple of times I gave her the Zantac, we all had a beautiful night's sleep, however since then, I am sure more Zantac comes out than actually goes in, so we still have the crying after feeding. Any hints would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I used to sneak the dropped down the side of her mouth while she was on my bb or the bottle. So after she'd attached & been going for a while I would sneak it in the side of her mouth and go for gold. I have to admit there were days when I questioned having zantac dripping down my belly, but most of the time it went in.

    Good luck!!

    btw..I used a small dropper, because I found the syringes to be too big when Matilda was 8 weeks old. HTH!

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    Good tip Christy. Must try this in the morning ahen the next dose is due.

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    Hi, I'm new here on the forum and I come through the whole Reflux experience! I gave my boy his Zantac mixed with a little milk in a small bottle. From then on he drank it quickly and enjoyed the rest of his feed. It didn't alter the working of the medicine, because my life turned to heaven since Zantac arrived in our home! Good luck, and let us know!


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