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    Help Please - Unsettled Baby

    My Son is nearly 7 weeks and from last Friday he has been unsettled in the sense of feeding time and not a happy little person. He will only say feed maybe half of his bottle and then its like he doesnt want it and will cry and then when i elevate to my shoulder will settle peacefully. I am seeing the ped. next thurs and my community nurse on tues but until then i am becoming really upset as i dont know what is wrong. We are using Nestle Nan 1HA Gold and a Pigeon (S) teat. Before this he was a content bub and had no problem and was advised by these things were excellent to have him on. He has changed his little sleep pattern from a 4 hour to a 3 hour. I thought maybe he was getting frustrated on the teats and tried the Tommee Tippee (1) AND Avent (1) and was too fast for him.If he does drink a full bottle it takes 30mins or so and i want to have some time with him but after his feed its like he is so tired from the sucking and just wants to go to sleep after i have burped and given his back a massage to get any wind up. The nurse did tell me last visit i should see he will be awake for about 1 and half hours now but with him being like this its not happening. Also as of yesterday i am giving him with every feed Infants Friend to help him. I just read in a book (First Year for dummies) and it sounds like he has Colic so not too sure. So any suggestions on what i can do or familiar experiences would be appreciated cause i dont want to be stressing about my little one.

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    My DD is now 5 months but I remember thinking when she was little that she should be awake more - I read from about 3-4 weeks onwards, but that didn't happen for me. I felt like all she did was sleep, cry and eat (and poo of course). She started staying awake for 1.5 hours from about 3 months and even now only stays awake for 1.5 hours still so I think some babies just need more sleep than others. There were some days that I got to spend a bit of time with her but not much until she got to about 12 weeks.

    I also gave her infants friend about 3 times a day until she was 3-4 months when I found she didn't need it as much. If I didn't give her the IF then she had a lot of trouble sleeping and we had a lot of crying every day, especially in the afternoon. Have you tried burping after half the bottle and then trying to give him the rest? I am not much help with the bottle feeding as only breast fed, sorry.

    I just thought I would let you know that my DD was similar to what you are saying, even with the sleeping on the shoulder, but not in the bed unless she had infants friend.

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    when ash was that litle she had trouble finishing her whole bottle too we used to let her have half give her a burp and a bum change and then feed her the rest.. could be reflux since the elevating him on your shoulder works but he could just be tired too and thats a comfy spot.. sorry i dnt think that helps but i hope the pead can give u some answers..

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    Krissie, I hope your little one is doing ok. My little Madeleine is on formula and has the Avent 1 hole teat, I had her on the 2 hole one a couple of days ago and she was so upset after a feed, I think she was taking in too much milk! I administer IF before each feed too - only 0.5mLs...