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Thread: how long does it take?

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    Default how long does it take?

    What is the 'usual' length of time for babies to be hurting until the teeth finally come out? Kai has been out of sorts for 5 days now. Poor him. . . . and poor us . . . . 5 or 6 wake-ups is taking it's toll! Got the Brauers Teething Relief yesterday and it seems to be helping. Poor little guy.

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    Hi Jaapie,
    My son will be 9 months on the 13th and is currently cutting his top two front teeth. The left one is through the skin but the right one is still swollen and sore. He really struggles a lot with pain until the tooth comes through the skin. The last two nights have been horrible - with 5 or 6 wakings and I'm pretty wrecked. He has also need to fall back asleep draped over my chest and has needed to b/f much more at night then usual. I had started weaning him from some of his night feeds and had him to the point of going 6-8 hours without a feed (though he was still waking a couple times a night) but now that the teeth are coming we are back to him wanting/needing a feed nearly every time he wakes. Could you tell me more about the Brauers Teething Relief? What is it? I have been using Nurophen or Panadol and sort of switching back and forth between the two. Good luck and here's hoping our boys sort themselves out soon.

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