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Thread: How long are they in pain for?

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    Default How long are they in pain for?

    For 2 weeks now, my little girl 8months have been waking up crying, shes teething and i can see 2 coming out on the bottom. She usually sleeps really well at night until she started teething, I was wondering how much longer she will be in pain and when she will go back to sleeping normally at night?

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    which two teeth are they, and are they through the gums all the way yet?

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    When DS is teething, I can kind of tell he is in pain for a few hours, even after giving him some pain relief. Then usually the next day he is fine. I know exaclty when he is feeling his teeth, as his cheek or cheeks go bright red. And he starts chewing on his fingers or at his shirt. I must admit this was the one thing that ruined his perfect sleep pattern - sleeping thru. He is now one, and still waking throughout the night. Poor little munchkins. Teething is so cruel.

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    Jordan usually is in pain until they come thru the gum. We put bonjella on his gums before we put him to bed and that seems to help.
    Jordan does wake crying when he is teething so if he does I put more Bonjella and the dummy in and he goes back to sleep.

    Hope this helps.

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