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Thread: How much can one child take????

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    Default How much can one child take????

    Not too much apparently!

    Asha is teething and is so miserable but yesterday during one of her crying sessions I managed to get a look in her mouth and discovered that she has about 5 teeth coming through at once! No wonder she is so miserable. She hates bonjela and the curash gel. I looked at the teething drops yesterday but didn't buy them, I don't have money to throw away on something she doesn't like. I will persevere with the curash gel and the nurofen. FIngers crossed they come through soon.


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    Poor Asha...poor mum.
    I'm only dealing with 2 coming up together,I have found is to put a face washer in the freezer for 5 minutes and then give it to Eliza to suck on.I hope poor Asha has some relief soon

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