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Thread: I just want some sleep!!!

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    Default I just want some sleep!!!

    DD has been crying most of the day and nothing that we do seems to settle her. The only time I have managed to settle her today was by putting her in the Baby Bjorn and walking around a shop with a dummy in her mouth and having had a c-section I can't do that too often. DH has tried to help, but he can't get her to settle either - I want to throw her out with the rubbish. She doesn't appear to have acid at all, she is feeding regularly and has only vomitted with one feed at 7pm.
    I've tried boiled water - she choked on it...
    Burping her doesn't seem to calm her.
    bouncing or rocking only works for a short period of time
    I got the brauer's stomach calm out - but it says 1ml from 6 months -DD is only 11 days old.
    I'm at my wits end with no idea what to do before one of us looses it with her and does throw her in the wheelie bin.

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    Aw hun, what a tough time you've had, between the birth and this.

    At the age your little one is it's probably too soon to say if it is reflux. My baby DEFINITELY had a few days or pretty much relentless crying about the 2 week mark (my midwife called it "the fall from heaven") which lasted a few days and like you, i just wanted to dump her in the bin and get back to being normal! As one friend said to me "controlled crying!? I wanted to chuck her against the wall, never mind controlled crying!". It is the most testing time with a new baby - the birth high is gone, the routine is yet to come and everyone, you, DH and bubs are all struggling to adjust to the new reality you're all living in.

    It gets better. I promise, i SWEAR to you, it will get better. You're breastfeeding? Is that right? If so then i would seriously consider staying in bed/on the sofa chilled out with her and let DH run abou after you and just feed her and give her skin to skin - it really calms them down. DH can also wear her in the baby bjorn, and you might think about getting a HAB/wrap style carrier as it's easier on the scar and your back.

    Remember that her crying is not personal, she can ONLY cry to communicate. You are doing your best to comfort her and that is ENOUGH. That she is still crying despite your efforts is no reflection on you, she's her own person after all.

    Hang in there, if you feel strongly there's something wrong with her health then take her to the doctor - mum's intuition is no myth. Meantime, try to take turns with DH - he can't settle her - well neither can you so there's no reason HE can't hold her while she cries. He's her parent too, you're in this together.

    I wish i could wave a magic wand, but really i think this baptism of fire is something most new parents go through, and it really won't last forever.

    :hugs: to you.


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    I'd be happy just to get an hour of sleep in, but the most time that she stops crying is whilst BF and after that it seems 3 times worse. DD is tired too, I can tell that, but something is causing her discomfort. It is a pity they can't tell you what it is....

    I know it isn't a reflection on me personally, but between the c-section pains and the sleep deprevation I'm finding it hard.
    My God she has been quiet for 5 minutes looking at the computer - damn jinxed it!!
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    I remember this time too

    It's tough... But it really does get better...

    If you think there could be something wrong take her to the
    baby clinic just for a check up.

    Are you feeling any better today?

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    It's tough isn't it? Like the other lovely ladies have said, it DOES get better. (Not that it helps you right now to know that!).

    My DS was very unsettled early on with wind pain. He would pull his legs up and go bright red in the face while he cried. Our MCHN suggested giving him Infacol before every feed (the box says to use from one month old, but she said you can use it from 3 days old) and it made a huge difference. She said it can take up to 24 hours to work, but we found it worked straight away. Some other products that help with wind/colic are Brauer Colic Relief (you can used that straight away) and Infants Friend.

    Some other things you can try are giving her a nice relaxing bath and afterwards rub her tummy in a clockwise motion. If you think it's wind pain you can also rotate her legs in a bicycle motion. Also, after you have fed her keep her upright for a little while before laying her down.

    I think when they're so little their tiny systems are still working out how to process milk so it can really upset them.

    Just know that this phase will be over really soon and you will start enjoying your little girl again .

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    DS had lots of colic, it was distressing for all of us but he grew out of it at 3 months, and got better at 6-8 weeks.

    some stuff I did that helped:
    fed him whenever he wanted, including for comfort
    bicycle his legs
    massage his feet (seemed to distract him)
    battery operated baby swing - total lifesaver
    co-slept some nights for a rest
    burping after each feed
    CD of womb-noises for sleeps

    it might help with your sleep deprivation if you express a feed, then in the evening right after he goes for a sleep, take a nap and let your partner or a helper do the next feed. a way to get a few unbroken hours. makes the world of difference.

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    I agree, the swing is a lifesaver, as is white noise..... anything that makes bub feel like they are back in the womb - it makes them settled..they were there for nine months so it makes sence!!!

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    One of the things that I tried when I was desperate for sleep, but DS would only be quiet if he was B/F was to lie in bed on my side with DS next to me, his head supported by my arm & suckling this way (sorry if this doesn't make sense). That way he could drink himself to sleep & I'd get to have a rest too. It can take a little co-ordination to get used to, but once it's working it was bliss.

    Hopefully though, you're a few days on from when you posted, so maybe she's settled a little bit. It does all pass though, or at least change as they get older. I know that in Vic & NSW there's a 24 hour MCHN line, which I've found to be an absolute godsend (although used for reasons of illness, rather than crying), but maybe one of the other Perth girls knows a number? They could be a good group to call when it really becomes too much, they will probably have a good knowledge of support services for you. Or even just a calm voice to talk to when it's 3am & you're desperate.

    Good luck, really hope that things have improved for you.

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    grubi I hear you on the wanting to throw bubs out, I felt like that this afternoon before DH got home and as soon as he walked in the door I burst into tears, thankfully though he was able to settle him, but I honestly felt like throwing him out the window. to you hun.

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