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Thread: i think she has reflux

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    Default i think she has reflux

    Jelly has not been a very happy baby for the past couple of weeks. everyone (relatives) keep telling me it is wind, but she doesn't appear to have a problem bringing up 'wind' - she really is a champion burper and farter. anyway, i have been paying attention to when she gets upset and it seems to be in the hour or so just after being fed. she also perks alot during that hour and needs to be held upright during that time, otherwise she screams blue murder. i have also noticed at night (it scares the crap out of me) that she seems to be choking for most of the night, which leads to a very unsettled sleep for both of us.

    i plan on taking her to the Dr, but doubt i will be able to until next week (we are in the middle of moving) - and i was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions on making her more comfortable and happier in the meantime. she is fully breastfed.

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    Have you tried anything like Mylanta. I'm a child health nurse, and we usually start our kiddos on Mylanta before any other medications.

    Otherwise you're doing the right thing by holding her upright after a feed, this does seem to really help them.

    Good luck!

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    You could also try slightly elevating her cot/bassinette - meant to help with reflux bubs. Just make sure angle isn't so severe that she slides down! Really hope it's not reflux.

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    misty with Matilda before we tried anything we worked on positioning, so we kept her at an angle at all times. For the 30 minutes post bf we would hold her in a sitting up position, as well as propping her cot up with a blanket rolled up under the mattress at her head end.

    The only other thing that may help is something like Infants Friend, its supposed to help reflux too. We tried that with Matilda just before the Mylanta.

    I would definately go to your Dr as soon as possible as they can help decide what the best course of action would be.

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    I always put my boy in the Kango Pouch, to be upright after a feed, untill he fell asleep and then I lay him down in his crib at an angle. All babies have reflux, it's just the severity that differs. Some have it so slightly that it's not even reconized. My boy had a bad reflux! But it left our house a few months ago!


    P.S I'm not english, so excuse all mistakes!

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