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Thread: infant gavison...need advice

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    Default infant gavison...need advice

    hey guys...well my daughter is on s26 ar for reflux its got the thickner in it and its great because she loves it but she isnt really a vomiter as she has more silent reflux and an occasional vomit.well i had her on zantac and ever since she has been on it 2 weeks she has been crying heaps and she is unsettled so i asked the baby doctor and he said stop giving it to her and see how she goes well the crying isnt so bad but she is gagging so much and poking her tongue he has told me to put her on infant gavison???what are your thoughts and are any of your babies on it???

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Hey Alex

    Gemma has never been on it but a friend of mine's bub has. Can't remember what age she started on it though(should have asked!).She also had silent reflux.She was told its better than anything else and bub had no problems on it.She said it came in powder or liquid and said go the liquid! Chelsey(bub) out grew the reflux though which was great!

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    Matilda went onto gaviscon first for silent reflux at 6 weeks old. At that time I was breastfeeding solely. It worked wonders on her reflux, but caused severe constipation. So we had to take her off it and went onto Zantac which didn't work as well but didn't cause pain from constipation as well. HTH!

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    We gave our little one baby mylanta for his reflux before and after each bottle. You can get it from the chemist, and they will tell you how much you should give according to your babies age. We gave our DS point 5 mls before and after (total 1ml) per feed. but not to exeed 5ml a day. But you really need to ask a professional first!!
    I remember taking zantac myself once in tablet form for reflux, and i too felt worse on it. It gave me belly ache. Mylanta is so much milder, and i found it helped our little man.

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    Hi there, my 6wk old son was diagnosed with reflux at 3wks, the dr told us to use infant gaviscon but only the powder was available. It was a bit of a hassle trying to mix it up after a feed especially in the middle of the night when DS wanted a quiet cuddle after feeding. Went to a drop in clinic and they recommended Mylanta (1ml). Have been using that for a week or so, but have a feeling it's now caused diarrhoea so am taking him to dr tomorrow to rule out lactose intolerance (on both sides of our family). So in summary I would reccomend a liquid infant gaviscon if you could find it.
    bye for now,

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