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Thread: It's another tooth, yes?

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    Default It's another tooth, yes?

    Just a quick question. After a ver bad nights sleep last night (lucie kept crying out in her sleep) I had a quick look in Lucie's mouth this am (she hates it!). Next to her bottom left hand tooth is a little lump, looks like a little blister. Lucie only has 2 teeth and she got these early Feb, but I think she had the same thing just before those teeth broke through? Can anyone confirm if that's what it is? Of course, like always Lucie obviously hasn't read the books and won't get her teeth in the 'proper' order! I hope it's the reason for the grizzles at the moment, she's driving her tired mum up the wall LOL!

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    awww... its so hard to know without seeing. Sounds like a tooth is definately moving around in there. Is it hard? If the lump is hard I would definatley say its a tooth. Matilda ignored all the books too and got her teeth in a weird order, so who knows?

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    sounds like a tooth

    lani always gets that blister looking thing on her gum then it gets a little slit in it and a few days later out pops a tooth

    hurry up toothy pegs mummy needs a break lol

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    I would say thats a tooth. I have the same thing in Jordans mouth at the moment. He is cutting the top middle and bottom left tooth at the same time.

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