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    I have been given Losec for Eleanor to see if it will help with her reflux.

    The first time i did it in water and then got the syringe and gave it to her that way but i still had some bits left when doing it that way.

    What is the best way to make it up ?

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    I m guessing that you are giving her somewhere between 5 and 10 mg each time. If this is the cans then a few little granules left behind in the syringe will not be a problem. Using a syringe is probably the best way to give the medication

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    Alan i am having to give her 5mg at a time.
    I'll keep giving it in the syringe.

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    The royal kids hospital here in VIC dispenses Losec in a liquid form... you need 2 scripts, one for the tablets and one to make them into liquid, but it is 100 times better- perhaps one of the big hospitals near you might do the same?

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    If the sludge is left that is Ok, it is the beads that is the medication so as long as they get in it will be OK.

    You could get a 20ml syringe with a large hole, and put the tablet in, draw up 5 ml water, and 5 ml air and give it a good shake, squirt the air out and give her the mix in the syringe.

    The large syringe should be fine to get all the beads out.

    Otherwise like the previous poster, find a pharmacy that compounds it, we used it that way till Parker was 2 and a half, and fantastic way to get it in.

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    I did exactly the same as Scarlett. I put the Losec into the syringe them pulled the water into it, soooo much easier

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