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Thread: Losec - why did I wean him!!!!

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    Default Losec - why did I wean him!!!!

    My DS has been on Losec since about 8 weeks old and I took the leap of faith that he no longer has reflux and took him of Losec. He has been off for about 2 weeks with no problem. The last 2 nights have been dreadful - waking 3 times, seems to be in pain. So, I have put him straight back on... Silly me - I thought he was over it but obviously not. I hope it doesn't take too long for the Losec to kick back in. He was a great great sleeper (sleeping upto 13 hours through at night)... now my eyes are hanging out of my head. I won't be taking him off now until he is sitting by himself and eating solids..

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    Culd the sleeping have nothing to do with the weaning off the losec? The little ones change so often I have found, sometimes we will have a great few weeks with DS, and then all of a sudden, he will ahve an off week, and sleep just doesn't happen...
    Just a thought

    Good luck. I hope you can get ur bubba back to normal

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    Don't beat yourself up, we have ALL done it at some stage. I still look at Parker and think he is good now maybe we should wean.

    It is something you have to do to see if it is gone unfortunately. It may take up to two weeks to kick back in though, but hopefully it will be sooner.

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    I have just had 2wks from Hell with Zyon & believe it's his Reflux back... After reading heaps of stories & stuff on the net, he hates the now lumpy foods & I read that it can affect their tummies & therefore make the acid/reflux come back up...
    I cant get in to see Dr til tomorrow last night I slept with him again & basically every 1.5hrs he wakes up in pain!!!

    I hate that my baby is pain more than anything else!

    I have started him back on Zantac, also the MCHN gave me some Novalac AR formula sachets to try him before bed to see if that helps!??? I am breastfeeding but just want my poor son out of pain!!!!

    I think I'll talk to Dr about Losec, how long til Zantac kicks in? It's been about 3 days since we started, as I had initially assumed teeth & just restlessness with needles etc!???

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