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Thread: My Gummi Bear has a tooth!!!!!!

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    Default My Gummi Bear has a tooth!!!!!!

    My baby Heather, who will be one in less than two weeks finally has a tooth! Just wanted to share that with someone - will really be able to sink the tooth into her food now - we are currently calling her "the Vax"i.e. wet and dry - she will eat anything (and I mean anything e.g. flying ants). Her almost three year old sister (who was also a late teether) and also eats anything is called "Hoover"!

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    LOL at the nicknames Jenny

    Congratulations to your little Vax for her 1st tooth. Kameron was 8mths when he got his first but he also got them 2 at once as well when they did come up.

    Love :smt049

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    Congrats on the tooth what a star \/


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