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    just been told by doctor to get mylanta for my baby and to give 1 ml after each feed. went to the chemist and they hadnt heard of baby mylanta and said the doctor was referring to a small dosage of the regular mylanta that adults have. does this sound right? is there a specific baby mylanta or just the adult one?

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    mummymeegs Guest


    Is it for reflux?? Try infant gaviscon.. same thing but for little ones!

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    lucysmummie Guest


    I was told to give my bub mylanta and i used an adult one only 1ml and it worked a treat! dunno bout after everyfeed though? if ur in doubt get another doctors second opinion?? I gave it to lucy like 3wks ago and she is fine so im sure if it was recomended it should b fine...

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    maggie Guest



    so it is 1ml not .1ml. i was giving dd to sml of a dose then

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    lucysmummie Guest


    um cant remeber? mmm ???? sorry???? im pretty sure he said to me 1-2 mls but i could b wrong? ring up something like comunity nurse or something they should confirm it or even just call ur doctor??? sorry babe!

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    i was told 1/2 mil before a feed and 1/2ml at the end of a feed

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    Ellie was put on 1ml of adult mylanta at every feed and then when this showed to be working...she was put on 1ml of baby losec twice a day and slowly weened off mylanta.

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    Geniebean Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by mummymeegs View Post
    Is it for reflux?? Try infant gaviscon.. same thing but for little ones!
    I found the baby gaviscon didn't work for Ellie b/c it had to be mixed with water or her formula and she wouldn't have her bottle if it was mixed in. But she slurped the minty mylanta straight down...

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