thread: Mylanta to test for reflux in a newbie?

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    Nov 2010

    Mylanta to test for reflux in a newbie?

    I think bubs has some reflux (almost 5 weeks).

    I remember testing dd for reflux by using mylanta for a few days to see if this helped the symptoms but can't remember how old she was and how much we gave her? Also do you give it before or after a bf?


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    Dd was diagnosed with silent reflux at a cpl weeks old. One night she was screaming for hrs on end, the wait was 3 hrs at the local clinic so I rang nurse on call and was told to try 1ml of mylanta to see if it helped. It did and she was finally prescribed Zantac which was wonderful. We were desperate so that's why we tried mylanta but I don't think it's really recommended for babies. Can you get into a GP or Paed? Good luck

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    Our DS1 had reflux and screamed blue murder. We saw a paed and he was prescribed Zantac. We had to be religious about giving it every 8 hours and it took a week or two to have an effect, so not sure if mylanta would do the same? DS2 didn't cope well with cow's milk (in my diet) and vomited a lot, but didn't scream as much as DS1. I went on a dairy free diet and this made a huge difference. Hope you work out what's going on.

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    my DD was prescribed 0.5 - 1ml mylanta by a mchn, before feeds up to 4 times a day from just a couple of weeks old, You might be a lucky one who only needs to use it for a short time and the reflux fixes itself quickly. Otherwise you may need to consult a pead. goodluck

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    We tried Mylanta at around 5 weeks also. It had no effect on my poor screaming DD though. At that stage, the dr prescribed Zantac, and within a week, I had a totally new baby! So just keep in mind that trying the Mylanta may not give you a diagnosis, although I hope for both your sakes that it does.