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    can anyone suggest a natural way of tackling teething without the use of bonjela or panadol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robbar
    can anyone suggest a natural way of tackling teething without the use of bonjela or panadol
    to help babies with teething without using bonjela or panadol you can use teething rings which can be purchased at any chemist or major department stores. When not in use they are kept in the fridge or freezer and the baby can just suck on it when needed because its cool it numbs the area.
    Hope i've been able to help

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    Home made teething rusks are very yummy (she likes them better than processed ones) and they are sooooo easy to make!

    It's best you use fresh bread, as it's more 'sticky' and all you need to do is cut the crusts off and tightly roll up the bread. Whack them in the microwave for about a minute (depending on the power level you may need to experiment). You can also make vegemite rusks by smearing a little vegemite on the bread before you roll it up.

    Too easy!
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    Hi.. i have found a marvelous product for teething. its called INFANTS FRIEND. I used it on my son when he was teething...when he seemed really grissly and in pain id give him it and within 15 mins he was happy again. It is an all natuaral medicine found in chemists.

    i highly reccomend it.
    P.S. it also works like a charm with colic too.[/

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