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    Well, Dylan is getting his first tooth. How long does the grizzliness last? It's so hard to get him to smile atm. The tooth is only a tiny white tip so far. Is it likely he'll be upset until it's broken right through?

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    Hi Donella,
    Every baby is different. Gabby didn't do too badly with her first two teeth. I think I had a couple of nights where she woke for her dummy a couple of times but it wasn't so bad. I was rapt!
    However, when she started teething, she started wanting the dummy more and more and now has to sleep at night with it (where previously she would go to bed at night without one).That was probably the main difference for us.
    The top teeth were worse. They took forever to come through and she was quite grizzly. The next top two came through not long after and she was a pain in the bum for about 2 weeks. I couldn't really put her down and if other babies so much as looked at her she'd cry! Poor sausage! She still slept most of the night but would wake up crying out for her dummy a couple of times.
    I really hope Dylan isn't too grizzly for too long. Some babies take teething really well... sometimes it depends on which teeth are coming through.

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    My little man is grizzly for a couple of days and nights when he is cutting a tooth. Lots of dribble rash, and nappy rash. Lucas Paw Paw Cream works a treat for it.

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