thread: Newborn nappy changing tip to reduce colic

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    Sep 2011

    Newborn nappy changing tip to reduce colic

    This showed up on my facebook today, and I thought it was very interesting! Thought some of you might be interested/find it beneficial.

    I don't know if I can post the link (I still can't get my head around the link posting rules ) but if you google "best diaper changing technique for newborns to reduce colic youtube" it's the very first result.

    Basically, for those who can't access the video or whatever, he's a chiropractor who specialises in pregnant women and children and he says that instead of lifting bub's legs up to change the nappy, which causes nerve interference because of the shape of a newborns spine resulting in extra gas, he says roll them to the side to slide the nappy out and wipe their bum. Roll them to the other side to make sure that side is clean and slide the new nappy in. In his chiropractic opinion this can help stop or ease colic in a baby.

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    thanks for posting, I will give this a try. My little man is grunting, crying and groaning in his sleep 24/7 i will give this a go.