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    DS is 6weeks old, he sleeps great at night, always in 4 hr or 2.5 jr lots., he is Breast fed. this last week, he is up at 7am, and wont go back to sleep til like 8pm, anyone else.. he will fall asleep on the boob but the minute he goes into his bassinett he starts screaming uncontrollably. I have an appt on monday at the paed, i think he may have reflux, but would this cause all the crying,, i have been told by the maternal health that he has colic as he is always cramky from like 4 pm to 7 pm daily

    Could this be a sign of reflux, he is also a very spewy baby, and always aching back etc, i have a paed appt on monday, he also is a very fussy baby at breast.

    would love to know if anyone else in this boat. how can i get him to rest during the day, i spend the whole time on the couch.. thanks

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    This is going to sound dumb....but I hear you and symapthise as I have a refluxer who is now thankfully controlled.
    Sometimes I have to feed standing up with her legs way lower than her head.
    Have you put phone books under his cot head so he is tilted a bit?
    When you change him do you roll from side to side rather than lifting his feet over his head?
    I know they aren't necessarily sleep things (cos I'm not winning that battle myself) but if he's a bit more comfy he might not cry so much and be a bit more settled IYKWIM?I used my baby bjorn a lot in those first weeks so she was happy to sleep upright.
    Good luck at the pead let us know how it goes.

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    Oh my gawd Maggie! I just thought I was reading a post that I had written early on... I have the EXACT same problem with Riley!!!! (and have had from the first week or so)

    Riley doesn't sleep between about 7 or 8 am and 10 pm - midnight (ie over 12 hours!), he also screams a lot after his feeds and if I try to put him down off the boob when he's asleep, he'll wake up a minute or so later screaming. He also arches his back a lot, spews up a LOT (fresh milk and old lumpy stuff) and screams most of the day.

    But I went back to the dr a second time about all this and he finally 'diagnosed' reflux and colic. Riley is now on Losec (reflux meds) and after 5 days of it, it already seems to be working a bit. He doesn't scream quite as much, he is actually happy enough to lay and play by himself for a few minutes at a time but he still isn't sleeping during the day (except on my lap in the rocking chair).

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone and the only suggestion I have is that it does sound like reflux to me...hopefully your dr could give you medication too. I must admit, I still don't get any sleep (surviving on 5 - 6 hours a night) but less screaming during the day definitely helps a bit.

    Good luck!

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    It does sound like he might have a bit of reflux.
    My DS is doing the same thing but so far his isn't keeping him up at night thank god.
    I mentioned it to his paediatrician the other day who said if you get desperate you can give them 1-2ml of regular Mylanta. He said they usually try that before prescription meds, so might be worth a shot.

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    i also have a reflux baby. ds is currently on zantac and hates laying down on his back or tummy. he is way to heavy to carry so he currently sleeps in his rocker. it helps him to stop vomiting and of a night we put the rocker in his cot. also have you tried an elimination diet? i found ds vomits a whole heap after i have had dairy or artificial lemon. since cutting that out his reflux is also a lot better. good luck

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    you poor thing i realy understand what you are going through I have 10 month old with servere reflux and it is hard to get them to sleep and eat and be comfortable have you tried the AR pillow mikenzee slept on one for months and months as her reflux was so bad well still is, perhaps talk to your dr about doing a PH study or empedence study this will tell you the severity of the reflux and that way you know what you are deealing with there a a few diffent meds most babies start of on zantac and if hter is no relief they ae moved ontoa PPI such as omeprozel or prevacid if you end up with one of these it is important to remember it take about two weeks to get the full afect from the PPI so dont expect improvement rite away and keep in mind that the reflux meds will not stop the ouking just stop it burning

    I realy hope that your baby gets some releif soon

    i hope this helps

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    that sounds just like what we went through at 5 weeks. DS now 10 months has diagnosed silent reflux and was put on Losec which was great. At the time I thought I must be doing something wrong as DS was also not sleeping from about 6am to 8pm and screaming, backarching etc when he was laid down.

    Hang in there - get medical advise, it's not fun, keep an eye out when they start to crawl as DS has got the reflux back now due to crawling and we are going through it again... it does get better when they have treatment (in out case Losec)

    Cheers & good luck

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