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    Hello my son is 4 months and he has started with a mild Silent Reflux. He is not in too much distress and is sleeping fine. My nurse has advised me to put him on the Novalac Reflux to see how goes as he is currently on Nestle Nan 1HA Gold and in the past week and a bit has shown signs (mild ones) of silent reflux. Just wondering if any bubs are on this formula and how they went. She has advised me to only put him on it until 6 months and then go back to a regular one as it is only very mild. Any suggestions on the formula as i am first time mum and any info is appreciated. I am starting it on him today so fingers crossed it agrees with him...

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    Hi my son Jakson who is now 1 had reflux. He was never in pain with it just vomitted all the time. We tried this formula and he was much worse on it. As it was thicker it was harder for him to bring it up and he was so unsettled with it.
    We tried the Nan Ha and added karicare thickner to it and he was a changed baby.
    Just a thought

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