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    After an exhausting couple of weeks we're looking at taking our 5 week old to an osteopath to see if they can help with her tummy/wind pain. I was wondering if any of you had tried it and if it's helped your kids? Also, does anyone have any idea about how much it's likely to cost?

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    I used an Osteo for my sons neck, and it was sensational... he was a different baby after one treatment. The clinic I used just swiped my private health care card and charged me the benefit on that, which was about $40 a go, as when they worked on my DS they only did about half an appointment time. I would ask the clinic what their fees are... But I would think $80 for a full appointment. Good luck, and I hope your little one settles for you soon. xo

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    I took DD who had mild colic and I absolutely think it helped although it was subtle at first and took a few treatments.

    I paid $75 a session and got some back on private health. i just think it was so worth it to have baby and me happier. My DD tended to have a big sleep for about 24hrs after the treatment, which in a way was worth any amount of money they wanted to charge !! I liked that as it really seemed that there were changes afoot after the session that her little body needed to integrate. She is now about 80% less colicy than before treatment so it was well worth it in my opinion.

    I went to a craniosacral osteo who specialised in babies and young children and would recommend seeing someone who comes recommended. Where are you located?

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    I took my little one to an osteopath who specialises in babies and kids. We had 2 sessions but I don't know if it helped or not. I also cut dairy out of my diet at the same time. Bub did improve but not sure if it was the osteopath, the no dairy or just bub's system developing with age. Most bubs begin to improve around 10 weeks of age, and this was true for my little one. I think the first session was $80 and the second was $60. I don't have health insurance, but you do get some back if you do.

    Hang in there, it will get better! I still think it is worth giving osteo a go.

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