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Thread: Poor little munchkin

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    Pietta Guest

    Default Poor little munchkin

    Poor little Ryley has SIX teeth all coming through at the moment!!

    He is having such a hard time but i suppose it gets it out of the way-

    I hate seeing him so upset...

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    You poor thing! Apart from giving him water ice blocks to suck on and panadol etc, theres not much you can do. But I know how you feel. :flower:


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    Oh poor Ryley, I hope its all over for him soon!

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    Melinda Guest


    Oh the poor little sausage!!!

    Which ones are they Pee? Can you believe Jacob has 16 teeth and has done for a couple of months now?! OMG!! I know a near two-year old who only has 6 teeth! LOL

    I hope that you can find some relief for him somehow and that he doesn't suffer with it for too long and those pearly whites pop through in no time!

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    mooshie Guest


    oh pee

    poor little ryley. my ds had 8 teeth come through all at once the month of his first birthday.

    lani is also cutting teeth atm - bottom molars arhhh she is okay but now i ask her if her teeth are sore and she says ye ye and puts her finger on her tooth that is hurting. she usually cuts 2 teeth at a time usually within a week of each other.

    i have been giving the lovely miss lani icey cold water melon and she just loves the coolness on the gums, i find bonjela stings her to much (as the gum has already cut) and those molars takes ages to come through, so last night i used some lemon juice along the gums and it seemed to do the trick, i also give her the braur teething relief and so far haven't needed the panadol.

    lets hope a few pop through for ryley in the next couple of days.

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    Pietta Guest


    Thanks everyone-

    Well he has his four dracula teeth half out, then he has two molars on each side so that is 8 teeth- OOpS!!

    I have the Brauer stuff do you find it to be good- we stupidly give him panadol coz when he is having probs he grabs his throat- i just realised how silly i am!!

    Ice cold stuff hey that they can chew on. Something weird though- since his teeth started to come through he has been sucking all his food instead of chewing. Maybe thats from pain??

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