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Thread: Question - does my baby have short top teeth?

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    Default Question - does my baby have short top teeth?

    Not sure if i should be posting here but its about teeth...

    Our little one is almost 14 months and has about 10 teeth. Four on the bottom and six up to. She got her top teeth about 6 months ago but they are still short!

    She grinds her teeth a bit. I'm wondering if that is why they are short. I'm really hoping its just that they havent fully grown yet but it has been 6 months!!


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    i am not really sure sorry but have u thought about seeing a dentist? surely a dentist could tell the difference of teeth that have been grinded down and teeth that just havnt come through yet? though i suppose they cost a bit and you could be going for nothing.. geez i am not much help am i? have u had a good look in there do they look possibly ground down??

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